The Alabama Home Builders Foundation scholarship was founded in 1995 with a mission to help fund deserving students who are interested in pursuing an education in the residential building trades in the state of Alabama.
  • Must be a resident of Alabama.
  • Must be enrolling in, or attending, an accredited community
    college, technical school or university in Alabama.
  • Must be enrolled in a residential construction-related curriculum.
Since 1997, the Foundation has awarded 1,241 scholarships totaling $647,300
  • Applications must be received by March 15
  • You may apply online here (no download required) or download the application here, then print and return it via USPS, fax or email.
  • Mailed applications must be postmarked by March 15th, should not be stapled or bound and sent to:
    Alabama Home Builders Foundation
    P.O. Box 241305
    Montgomery, AL 36124
  • Faxed applications should be sent to 334-834-5380.
  • To email your application, send to
  • All applications received will be acknowledged via email. If you do not receive an email receipt, please check to see if we have received your application.
  • Application must be completely filled out including email and financial aid information as well as all required documentation listed below in order to be considered.
Required Attachments
  • College or high school transcript (whichever is most recent).
  • Minimum of one letter of recommendation. Letter must be signed and on letterhead if it is available.
  • Proof of residency, such as a copy of a state-issued identification or a copy of a utility bill.

Note: This list is not exclusive to other trades. Should an applicant demonstrate that their education will lead to a career in residential building, the AHB Foundation Scholarship Committee will consider the application for possible funding.

Factors the AHB Foundation Scholarship Committee Considers
  • Career Goal: The AHBF supports applicants who are pursuing an education in the residential construction industry. See the above list for careers the Foundation generally supports. Be sure to tell us how your chosen career relates to the residential construction industry.
  • Past Recipient: The AHBF encourages past recipients of the scholarship to reapply each year as they are given preference in the award process.
  • Financial Need: The AHBF recognizes financial need as an important factor in awarding scholarships. Leaving financial information blank does not benefit the applicant.
  • Academic Achievement: The AHBF supports academic achievement but knows not all students are A students. The GPA is not necessarily the most important aspect of a student’s transcript. The scholarship committee is interested in what courses the student has taken, how the courses relate to the residential construction industry, as well as the GPA and any standardized testing scores.
  • Extra-curricular Activities: The AHBF is interested in hearing what you do inside and outside of school. It gives the scholarship committee a better idea of who they may be supporting.
  • Letters of Recommendation: A letter of recommendation is important in the application process. Make sure to include at least one signed letter of recommendation, preferably on letterhead.
  • Completeness of Application: Be sure to completely fill out the application and submit all required documents. The AHBF scholarship committee will not review incomplete applications.
  • Application Deadline: Make sure your application is in or postmarked by March 15. Late applications will not be considered.
  • Applicants can expect to hear whether they are a scholarship recipient by the end of
    April, via mail.
  • For questions please contact Louise Brown at 334-834-3006 or at:
2019 Recipients

We congratulate all of our 2019 recipients.

Brooks, Will — Troy University, Business Science
Burnside, Natalie — Auburn University, Architecture/Architectural Engineering
White, Austin — Auburn University, Landscape Architecture
Ellsworth, Colby — University of Alabama Birmingham, Engineering-Civil
Kilgore, Emily — Snead State Community College, Engineering – Civil
Rohrbough, Dawson — University of Alabama Birmingham, Engineering-Civil
Dunkin, Sydney — Wallace State, Building Science
Rainey, Evan — Auburn University, Architecture/Architectural Engineering
Smith, Jack Thaddeus — University of South Alabama, Engineering-Mechanical
Thornton, Grant — Auburn University, Engineering-Mechanical
Beauchamp, Michael — Auburn University, Building Science
Browning, Patton — Auburn University, Building Science
Cook, David — Lawson State Community College-Bessemer, HVAC
Ehrbar, Emily — University of South Alabama, Engineering-Civil
Goodwin, Michael — Lawson State Community College-Bessemer, HVAC
Hendricks, Charles — Lawson State Community College-Bessemer, Engineering-Mechanical
Hunter, Fernandez — Tuskegee University, Architecture/Architectural Engineering
Knott, Sophia Jane — Auburn University, Interior Design
Lightsey, Jace — Shelton State Community College, Engineering-Electrical
Morse, Trent — University of West Alabama, Engineering Technology
Nailen, Nate — Auburn University, Building Science
Nelson, Antonio — Lawson State Community College-Bessemer, HVAC
Perez, Bryan — Lawson State Community College-Bessemer, Construction Management
Prewitt, Jarvis — Alabama A&M, Engineering-Electrical
Turner, Parker — Auburn University, Building Science
Burrage, Landon — Auburn University, Engineering-Civil
Garrett, Shamerrial — Spring Hill, Engineering-Civil
Graveling, Stephen — University of Alabama Huntsville, Mechanical Engineering
Johnson, Hunter — Auburn University, Engineering-Civil
Lee, Rasul — Auburn University, Engineering-Electrical
Maddox, Jon — Troy University, Engineering-Civil
Mitchell, Ted — Trenholm, AUM, Lawson, Electrical/Industrial Systems/Welding
Turner, Dylan — Southern Union Community College, Engineering-Civil
Whitehurst, Jessica — University of Alabama, Architecture/Architectural Engineering
Garner, James — University of Alabama, Engineering-Civil
Pedings, Collin — University of Alabama Huntsville, Engineering-Mechanical
Curtis, Jackson — Auburn University, Engineering-Civil
Stidham, Hannah — University of Alabama, Architecture/Architectural Engineering
Edmonds, Lucas — Snead State Community College, Engineering-Mechanical or Electrical
Copley, Calee — University of North Alabama, Architecture/Architectural Engineering
Sullivan, Myra — Bevill State Community College, HVAC
McCurdy, Mason — Auburn University, Building Science
Nix, Laken — Auburn University, Architecture/Architectural Engineering
Rabren, Emmy — University of Alabama, Engineering-Civil
Richardson, Tripp — Auburn University, Building Science
Pritchard, Benjamin — Southern Union Community College, Engineering
Sanford, Grant Shelton — State Community College, Engineering-Construction
Wilbert, Charles Bevill — State Community College, Engineering-Mechancial
Japeth, Long Gadsden — State Community College, Carpentry
Seth, White Northeast — Alabama Community College, Architecture
Juan, Marquez — Northeast Alabama, Electrical Technology

Jacob, Stone — Northeast Alabama, Community College Engineering-Civil
Andrew Cross — Auburn University, Architecture/Architectural Engineering (B. Owens)
Jay Cross — Auburn University, Architecture/Architectural Engineering (B. Owens)
Parker Watts — Auburn University, Engineering-Electrical (Malone/McQueen)
William Weinzirl — Alabama, S. Alabama or Auburn, Engineering-Electrical MMalone/McQueen)
Kwame White — Wallace State, – Selma, Masonry (Malone/McQueen )
Zach Burton — University of North Alabama, Business & Construction Engineering (Past President)
Wells Rutland — Auburn University, Building Science (Past President)
Carson Phillips — University of Alabama, Mechanical Engineering (Buchalter)



P.O. Box 241305
Montgomery, AL 36124-1305